Channel about investments from Tinkoff Bank. How to invest and increase your capital.

Investment is the future!

Tinkoff Bank is one of the three leaders in Russian banks. It is trusted by more than 19 million customers, and the number of users is growing every year. In addition to the fact that the banking organization offers to open different types of cards, it pleases with pleasant service and favorable interest rates for deposits.

Investing is popular today. Clients can open a brokerage account and receive not only investment experience, but also income.

What is a brokerage account?

By opening a brokerage account with Tinkoff, you get the opportunity to carry out transactions on the stock exchange that relate to securities. The broker acts as a liaison between the exchange and the investor. An individual cannot legally trade on the exchange. To do this, a person transfers instructions to a broker who, on his behalf, carries out sales or purchases of assets.

It is convenient that by opening a brokerage account with Tinkoff, you are acting within the framework of the law – the bank is a broker that is registered with the Russian Central Bank.


1. Only a mobile phone is enough. To work on the exchange, you do not need to install and understand how complex programs function. Everything is clear and simple in the bank’s mobile application. Everyone who plans to try their hand at the stock market will be able to quickly figure it out due to a convenient and simple interface.

2. Instant account opening. To open an account, just follow the link on this page. If you already use a bank debit card, an investment account will be opened as soon as you submit your application.

3. Simple rates. Choosing the “Investor” tariff, you will be faced with a commission for transactions. All other operations are carried out without interest. If the “Trader” tariff is chosen, you will need to pay a small amount monthly, while the minimum commission is kept for all types of transactions.

4. The minimum amount to start. For a start-up investment, 10 rubles is enough. If you take the larger one, the average Russian share costs about 200 rubles, most of the bonds – about 1000 rubles.

5. Information support. By clicking on the “What to buy” section, you can see the selection of bonds and stocks. Bank analysts provide information on attractive deals, large companies, etc. For example, investor interest is now focused on companies that develop anti-vaccine vaccines or make robots. Another option is a robot that helps to determine and select securities for the first transaction. It is enough to give answers to three questions, and your attention will be presented with a list of assets that best meet your needs.

6. World currencies and a variety of securities. By opening a bank account for a broker, you can buy bonds and shares of domestic companies, trade Eurobonds and major world currencies. All this is subject to transactions on the Moscow Exchange.

Agree that there are many advantages to the investor. We recommend opening a brokerage account with Tinkoff for both beginners and experienced traders.

The first step to investing

A successful and quick start is an important component of any business. To start investing, you need to follow the link indicated on our website and open a Tinkoff bank card. It won’t take long to get the card. Further steps – opening a brokerage account and starting work on the exchange. Rest assured that the first results in the form of profit will not be long in coming!

Investment is the future! Start investing — >>>

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8 месяцев назад

Great content! Keep up the good work!

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8 месяцев назад
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это комментарий от обычного спамера, чтобы дальше он мог без одобрения коммента спамить ссылками. А горе-вебмастер говорит спасибо))).

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Мир не стоит на месте, стоит это учитывать и идти в ногу со временем. Страшно представить сколько инвестиций лежит у каждой бабушки «под подушкой» ,но их очень сложно переубедить, к сожалению.

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Инвестировать свои сбережения, в наше время сейчас популярно и безопасно, мой папа занимается облигациями и акциями, это очень выгодно, и имеет не малый доход

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