is an informational website that offers users access to unique information on using existing programs and applications to exchange information.

1. General Provisions

This privacy policy has been drawn up taking into account the legislation of the Russian Federation, in particular, Federal Law No. 152-FZ “On Personal Data” and establishes the features of data processing and their security, accepted by the portal (, hereinafter referred to as the Operator.

1.1. The primary goal of the Operator is to comply with the legislation in the field of data processing.

1.2. The presented privacy policy applies to all information received on the project.

2. Basic concepts

2.1. The project is an information portal, which includes graphic and text materials for informing users, available at

2.2. Operator is the information site, which assumes the processing of data and responsibility for their security.

2.3. Personal data – information relating to any of the users of the site personally.

2.4. User – a project visitor or a person registered on the site.

3. Rights and obligations of the operator

3.1. The operator has the right:

  • Receive reliable information from any user of the project;
  • If the user refuses to collect data, the Operator may continue processing activities within the framework of the circumstances provided for in the Law “On Personal Data”;
  • Information security and processing are provided by the operator at its discretion, in accordance with the law;
  • The operator can make changes to the privacy policy without warning users.

3.2. The operator is obliged:

  • In response to the user’s request, provide him with data on all the information that has been collected;
  • The collection and processing of data is carried out exclusively on the basis of the Federal Law;
  • Respond to all requests for data processing from users in accordance with the Federal Law;
  • At the request of the authorized bodies, provide the necessary information about the user within up to 30 days;
  • Provide unlimited access to the Privacy Policy for review by users;
  • To fulfill all the duties of the operator of personal data, which is regulated by the current Federal Laws of the Russian Federation.

4. Rights and obligations of site users

4.1. Users have the right to:

  • Submit a request and receive all information about the collected data about him. Except for certain points provided for by federal law;
  • Request to change, block or delete user data if false information was provided, the data was changed or used by intruders;
  • The user has the right to indicate his consent to the processing of data;
  • In case of violation of the user’s rights or other illegal actions by the Operator, all conflict situations are resolved in accordance with applicable law;
  • Exercise of other rights provided for by the Federal Law of the Russian Federation.

4.2. The user is obliged:

  • Provide only reliable information;
  • Notify the operator of any changes in personal data.

4.3. In case of providing false information to the Operator, the user, in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation, bears responsibility independently.

5. undertakes the processing of such data:

5.1. Full name of the user;
5.2. Mail address;
5.3. Contact number;
5.4. User conversion data, cookies and other anonymized information;
5.5. The above data will be further combined into the concept of Personal Data;
5.6. No additional special data is processed;
5.7. Permission to collect user data is given during the initial visit to the project, as well as registration on the site.

6. Purposes of data processing

6.1. The main purposes of collecting information about users are:

  • Informing community members by sending emails;
  • Providing the participant with access to all materials of the project

6.2. The operator can also send news, information about updates and events.
6.3. Anonymized data is collected to obtain data about the activity of visitors, which helps to improve the site and make it better.

7. Confidentiality of personal data

The dissemination of user data by the Operator or other persons who gain access to them is prohibited. This Privacy Policy guarantees users the preservation of their personal data. The transfer is possible only with the consent of the user himself or in cases provided for by law.

8. Final provisions

8.1. Each user can get any clarification on the privacy policy by contacting the project administration.
8.2. This document will reflect all changes to the privacy policy. The document is valid from the moment of its publication until it is replaced with a new version.
8.3. The current version of the Policy is always located at where each user can review it at any time.

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