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Как создать много аккаунтов в ТелеграмTelegram is a convenient tool not only for personal, but also for work purposes. Therefore, a situation may arise when it is necessary to create several accounts. However, those who have already tried, faced a number of difficulties. We offer detailed instructions on how to register many Telegram accounts without fear of being blocked.



Why you need to create multiple Telegram accounts

Why there is a need for multiple accounts:

1. To separate personal from business;
2. To achieve order in correspondence;
3. Find the right interlocutor faster.

Until recently, I had to conduct all correspondence from one account. As a result, important ones were lost in the message flow, it was difficult to establish business correspondence and keep track of proposals. However, now the social network has undergone an update that allows you to add many accounts to Telegram. Although there are only 3 of them so far, users have already noted the resulting comfort.

You can not be afraid that you will miss an important message in one of the accounts if you leave it. Personal and work emails are now separated and tracked effectively.

How to create a second account in Telegram on Android and iPhone

If your device is running Android:

1.Go to the Telegram application;
2. In the upper left corner, click the button consisting of three horizontal stripes:

3. On the right under the profile picture, click the arrow:

4. Select “Add account”:

5. Register:
Enter phone number

Waiting for a call or SMS message

Enter code from SMS

Be sure to include a name

Congratulations, you have registered

You now have two accounts

To create a second account on the iPhone, you need to do the same. When adding multiple accounts, you need to understand that:

1. Each of them needs a new phone number. It will not work to make several Telegram accounts for one number;
2. No more than three profiles can be maintained at the same time;
3. This feature is available for the mobile app;
4. The program can recognize and block virtual phone numbers.

Another option for both operating systems is to install 2 applications: Telegram and Telegram X.

How to make multiple Telegram accounts on PC

How to make many Telegram accounts – computer owners have this opportunity. For this:

1. Find the folder where the application is stored;
2. Create a new one with a different name;
3. Make a copy of the Telegram.exe file into it;
4. Run it, register a new account.

A similar option is to find another source for installing the messenger (not the one from which you already downloaded it). The application needs to specify a different path, then go through the registration procedure. Don’t forget that the phone number must be a new one that you haven’t created an account with yet.

How to create a Telegram account without a phone number

When you register, the application requires you to enter a phone number. Therefore, it will not work to make several Telegram accounts for one number. However, you can try to bypass the system with these tricks:

1. Ask those who do not use the messenger to allow you to register for their number. Perhaps you have relatives or friends who will agree to this;
2. Use Google or Yandex services to get a virtual number. One-time is provided free of charge, reusable – for the money. However, Telegram is working on their detection and may send you to a ban;
3. Take a paid number in Skype.

The creators of the social network are actively working to update it. It is possible that very soon it will be possible not only to make many accounts in Telegram, but not to use a new SIM card for this.

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Иметь несколько акков ТГ хорошо, но все-таки советую не использовать чужие номера или вирт. номера для регистрации. Большие шансы, что доступ к аккаунту будет либо потерян либо он уйдет в бан.

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