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Instagram is currently one of the most popular social networks. Initially, this application was only for iPhone owners, and photos had to be taken immediately before adding them. Today everything is different. The app can be downloaded by both iOS and Android users. Additionally, you can publish photos from the gallery, from your mobile device. This is a big simplification because it is possible to share photos taken offline or from other equipment by making them available on your phone.

All this means that up to a billion people currently use Instagram, and every day there are about four billion reactions in the form of likes or comments. More and more users want to participate in such a huge project, so they decide to register and promote their account effectively.

Getting started on Instagram is often difficult. Users who aim to have a popular profile on this app are surely wondering how to get more likes or follow-ups that will make this account famous and visited by other Instagram users.

Why is it worth having more likes on Instagram?

There are many benefits. One of the main things is, of course, joy and motivation to continue. Likes on Instagram can help gain popularity, increase the reputation of the product being advertised.

A large number of hearts under the posts is also a great opportunity to start cooperation with well-known brands, which can be paid or bartered. Aspiring influencers are likely to get more barter offers, i.e. those that only offer a free product for testing. Of course, along with the development of the profile of proposals for cooperation, more and more will come, and over time they will also be paid. Everything will depend on coverage and commitment. It is important to note that the account owner himself decides which companies he will cooperate with.

There are several ways to get likes, and most of them are completely free. Below are seven effective methods that, in combination with each other, will give a good result, which means a large number of likes on Instagram.


Three elements will help you present yourself on Instagram – a username, a profile photo, and a short biography. All this data should be consistent with each other and clearly communicate to other users what they can find in the profile.

You need to start with a username. It should be as short as possible and easy to remember. Also, it will depend on what needs to be shared on your account. In the case of a personal account, this can be a first name, last name or nickname. However, when it comes to a business account, it would be nice if the username was the same as or related to the brand name.

Posting frequency on Instagram

Regularity is of fundamental importance and depends on whether the profile will stand out from others. The messages are supposed to be available 3-4 times a week. They can be in the form of photos or videos. Of course, this does not include InstaStories, that is, reports that are available 24 hours after being added (unless they are highlighted). It is advisable to add them daily.

It is also worth mentioning the statistics that are available in a business account. Thanks to it, you can analyze which days and hours are best for users and adapt to them.

Instagram activity

Activity on Instagram is not only systematic publications, but also interaction with other users. This can be done in three ways.

The first is to like and comment on other people’s posts. In this way, you can encourage them to visit the profile and leave something. The second way is interesting descriptions under the photos, in which you can persuade your subscribers to talk. Questions about their opinion can help. The third solution is InstaStories. Instagram allows you to create polls, question boxes, and even quizzes.


It is worth remembering that what attracts is what is pleasant. It’s the same with Instagram photos. You don’t need a professional camera to take good photos. A mobile phone is all that is needed. It is worth photographing what you like, tasty or just interesting, take several shots of the same scene in order to choose the best ones later. It’s a good idea to try out different filters that often bring out the most beautiful things in a photo.


A hashtag, that is, a word or phrase preceded by a characteristic “#” sign, is a great way to get even a few dozen extra likes for free. The task of hashtags is to attribute this photo to the appropriate group.

For hashtags to work properly, they must be active. This means that there should be no spaces between the page and the word. You can check if it’s active right after adding the message, as it should be blue, not white or black like the rest of the description.

Instagram allows you to add up to 30 hashtags to one photo, but this is too much. It is recommended to use no more than ten. At the beginning of your activity on Instagram, you should not use the most popular ones. Then it is more likely that this post will be seen by more people. You also need to be aware of the existence of prohibited hashtags that automatically shorten the ranges.


A few things can be noted in a post – people, location, and companies. Why is it worth doing? By tagging a friend or the store from which, for example, a dress was purchased, the entry automatically appears in their profile on a special tab. As for localization, it works on the same principle. Users who enter a city, restaurant, or theater will be able to see shared photos using this location marker.

Buying Instagram likes is by far the fastest way to get them. Many people still think that the whole process is very complicated or that likes are very expensive. At present, when the e-commerce industry is constantly developing, the services of such websites are generally available, and the purchase of likes is explained on such websites. Before making a purchase, you should read the reviews and the entire offer of the site. This will give the user confidence that he is making the right choice.

How to buy likes on Instagram?

There are many services – sites for getting likes on Instagram and the algorithm of action is quite simple. In any search engine, type the query “How to buy likes on Instagram?”, From the search result, select any of the sites. Further, to make a purchase, the profile must not be private. The next step is to choose a package. Typically, offers start at 50 and end at 10,000 likes. Then there is the option to choose additional options such as real accounts or incremental additions.

Next, you need to enter the name of your profile, when the system searches for this account, select photos. The last step is to pay for the order and wait for it to be completed.

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